Sunday, October 02, 2005


Little Girls Peasant Skirt with Matching T-Shirt Top

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Sports Theme Overalls

Popeye Set

Turn for the Better

Life always throws you little loops. I went on Ebay thinking i would sell my little tote bags, because mine are sooo much more cute that the other 20,000 on ebay. but to my little surprise my little boys custom clothing is my killer item. i have gotten so much feed back and orders. More than i expected anyway. My new son is the brother to 4 others ranging from 12 to 16 so i like for him to look like a big boy and the other boys get a kick out of having what they have and dressing in jeans like they do. so when i shop for him it is hard to find those items. so i make them myself. he is young enough that he doesn't care that mommie makes my clothes. so far i have about 4 emblished jean sets and 1 overall set. today i will be adding my loungewear sets. i really enjoy making baby boy clothes and this just maybe my niche in the world. we will see in about 6 months, if i am still feeling this way.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Quick Trip Diaper Bag

Front Personalized with Full Name

I thought this bag turned out sooooo nicely! Can't wait until tommorrow so i can go the baby boy version.

inside lining


Elastic Bottle Strap holds 1 bottle

Baby Kendall @ 5 weeks

Personalized Bathrobe

14 x 14 pillow

back of the bag

Afrocentric Mommy Bag

Front with Flap

I grew tired of complicated tote bag patterns so i created my own. It turned out okay, but i see some things that i am going to change. but i love the fabric!!

inside lining

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